Rajput Miniature Art


Rajput Paintings originated in Rajasthan state of India. Rajasthani Paintings show strong Mughal influence. Miniature painting is the most visible and widely prevalent type of painting. mainly used vegetable and mineral dyes. The striking use of yellow and blue in these paintings is noteworthy.The topics consists are from Hindu epics, scenes of court lovers, botanical subjects and actual events from day to day life. Some important Rajput miniature artists are Keshav Das and Bhanudutta.

Rajputana Miniature and Painting are mainly .influenced by Mughal Miniature arts which has been established a love for everything, human and animals, such as the deer, the peacock, the dove, the monkey, the trees, clouds and mountains. Rajput’s miniatures and paintings were growing in the area of Udaypur, Jodhpur, and others part of Rajasthan.

The main picture of the Rajputana miniatures and paintings consisted of traditional text of that ranged from the Krishna Leela to the Ramayana and the Bhagvad Puran (epics of India). The Mewar school is celebrated for its strong color emphasized along with the highlighted Mughal cross fertilization.

Rajput’s Miniatures and Paintings are mainly inspired by literature of Bhakti ; the stress is on the emotion of love, and the perspective of women. Radha and Krishna were the models of an ideal couple in Rajput paintings and miniatures.