Miniature Painting Manufacturers

The history of Indian Miniature Paintings can be traced to the 8-9A.D, the time, when Kashmiri Miniatures first marked their appearance. But, Shri Damodar Sharma’s Miniature Paintings have evolved over long time, carrying the influence of other cultures. The miniature arts of Sharma gives self-expression on paper, ivory panels, wooden tablets, leather, marble, cloth and walls.

Indian miniature artists employed multiple perceptions unlike their European counterparts in their paintings. The idea was to convey reality that existed beyond specific vantage point. Shri Sharma has mastered this art and carved out a name for him in this field.

He uses gold, lapis lazuli, and other precious and semi-precious stones, barks of trees, leaves and flowers to create natural colors that never lose their shine. The colorful enlightenments, which captured the fancy of the royalty and aristocracy, emerged in the Sharma’s miniature paintings.
Shri Sharma has used each and every source to make his paintings superb and unique. Miniatures are intricate, colorful enlightenments or paintings, small in size, executed scrupulously with delicate brushwork which can easily in his workings.