Hindu God Painting


The history of India can be drawn back to many centuries. It is impossible to look at India’s history without looking at the significance of the religion in the civilization. The history of India cannot be separated from the religious history of the people of India. While many of the emperors and rulers in the different areas of India were responsible for the art scene flourishing, most of the art works and architecture involves religion. The paintings were mostly based on Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The depiction of stories and other scenes are also derived from epic stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata which also have religious importance.

Lord Krishna has a huge presence in the ancient Indian art scene. Madhuban paintings, Pattachitra paintings, Rajput paintings all involve depictions of Lord Krishna with his consorts, especially Radha. The south Indian style of paintings while depicting Gods and Goddesses differs greatly from the paintings in the rest of India. Pattachitra is a form of Eastern painting from the region of Odisha. Again, while the paintings are mostly based on the Hindu Gods (mostly Lord Krishna and Lord Jagannath), the techniques are unique as the colors and even brushes are derived from natural materials.

If you are interested in Indian art work, you should take a look at the different Hindu God paintings. The paintings from different areas of India depict Gods and Goddesses in different ways. There are myriad stories surrounding each of the Gods and Goddesses and most of these stories are depicted in miniature paintings by well known artists across India. Miniature paintings portraying one or more of the Hindu Gods were the most popular form of paintings in ancient India. You can get a unique and natural painting done by Shri. Damodar Sharma. Gods and religion has a very special place in India and the paintings will be original only when there is an emotional attachment on part of the painter. Shri. Damodar has gained a place of prominence in the Indian miniature painting art scene. He can design a soulful painting of Hindu Gods like Ganesha, Rama,Krishna, Hanuman and Rama.