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India is a country which has a long history of excellence in art and architecture. Archeologists have found pre-historic paintings that can be dated back to 5500 BC. Various cultures have influenced Indian arts. The art scene in India what we see currently does indeed have the original features mixed with Persian, Mughal and English features. The chief type of paintings that have been existing in India for centuries is mural paintings and miniature paintings. Mural works can still be seen in protected places like Ajanta, while miniature paintings have flourished well and there are various world renowned Indian artistes who are practicing miniature paintings today.

As India is a very diverse country, there is diversity in the painting styles too. Madhubani paintings is a style of painting that has been in practice in the region of Madhuban (around the state of Bihar). Tanjore painting and Mysore painting are two very different styles of painting practiced in Southern India. Most of the Indian painting scene practiced in the early days involved miniatures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Some of the paintings will depict scenes from the well known epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Mysore and Tanjore paintings are unique in the way that they use jewelry as part of the painting since many centuries.

Rajputanas have left a huge legacy behind in the form of architecture and paintings. The Rajput paintings are one of the most sought after and well known painting forms in India. These paintings have been found in the areas of Rajasthan. The golden period for Rajput paintings is around 18th century where the Rajput kings and princes adorned their palaces with these paintings. Miniature Rajput paintings are a popular format. The uniqueness of the paintings can be seen by the materials used. Precious and semi-precious stones were often ground and used in place of artificial colors for the paintings.

Shri. Damodar Sharma is a well known artist from a small town in Rajasthan who has captured the spirit of the Rajput miniature paintings. His miniature paintings can be seen in the website and you can find miniature painting products made from wood, leather, cloth, gold foils, lazuli and marbles.